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Commissions and Contracts

See the commissions you earn on a trip and your overall progress towards agency commission tiers.

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Generate Invoices.
Create commission invoices to send to your suppliers as soon as travel is booked.
Track Progress.
Track when your commission checks are due and the requirements needed to collect.
Collect Earnings.
When your commissions are ready, easily collect on them and mark them as paid.
Dunning Letters.
When service providers fail to pay out, send automatic reminder emails with the click of a button.
Agency Contracts.
Know how far you are towards reaching the next tier with your agency contracts.
Easy Analytics.
Track your historical performance with easy-to-understand dashboards and charts.

Jetpack rethinks how advisors and agencies run their businesses.

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Frequently asked questions

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How are dunning (reminder) letters sent?
You can easily see which invoices are overdue and send an email reminder invoice right from the trip.
Can you manage my commission payments directly?
Yes, please reach out to our team to discuss a custom payments offering.
Can I export data at the end of the year to my accounting software?
Yes, we offer the ability to export common file formats of all your transactions as needed.