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Client Resources

Beautiful itineraries on web and mobile that you can seamlessly share with clients online and offline.

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Shareable Itineraries.
Share itineraries with your clients that are accessible on all platforms.
Collaborative Design.
Collaborate on building itineraries with multiple booking options.
Custom Reminders.
Create text and push notification reminders that you can send clients.
Flight Status.
Live flight status so you and your clients know about delays and cancellations as they happen.
Live Weather.
See the daily weather for your destination right on the itinerary page live.
Granular Control.
A custom Advisor Only View where you can carefully craft your clients' itineraries.

Jetpack rethinks how advisors and agencies run their businesses.

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Frequently asked questions

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What methods can I share itineraries through?
You can share itineraries with a direct link, through email, as a PDF, or even print it out!
Will my clients see something different than what I see?
Nope! Your clients will see exactly what you see on the itinerary page (minus the Advisor Only View of course).
Are itineraries accessible on mobile and web?
Yes! Itineraries are both viewable and look equally as beautiful on mobile and web.